October is Orthodontic Health Month

October is Orthodontic Health Month! It is THE month when we celebrate healthy and attractive smiles, but actually, that’s something we try to do ALL year through! 

During this special month, we do want to make sure that we continue to communicate all the long-term benefits of undergoing successful orthodontic treatments.  For kids and adults both, Dr. Ike Lans and Associates help to correct problems with spacing of teeth as well as any resulting mouth and jaw issues.


In honor of National Orthodontic Health Month, here are the top 10 reasons conventional braces or Invisalign® invisible braces will change your life for the better:

1) Greater Self-Esteem

This is likely the number one benefit of straight teeth. There is an increase in an individual’s self-confidence once they transition to having a healthy, beautiful smile. This makes a positive impact in almost every aspect of a person’s life.

2) Fewer Cavities

Crooked or overlapping teeth are more difficult to clean and floss. Crooked and poorly spaced teeth catch more food particles and develop more plaque.  Straight teeth offer fewer places for food to hide and residue can be more easily brushed or flossed away.

3) Less Headaches

Crowded or crooked teeth wear unevenly. This leads to jaw stress, and for many more frequent headaches. Straight teeth prevent this source of tension and discomfort.

4) Clear speech

Crooked teeth can cause speech impediments which can greatly impact a person’s self-confidence or performance at work or school. Straightened teeth can correct some speech impediments.

5) Improved gum health

Straight teeth are easier to keep clean, and clean teeth keep gums healthy. It is critical to minimize the risk of gum disease as this condition leads to tooth decay and potential tooth loss.

6) Better Digestion

Teeth that are not aligned correctly are likely not chewing correctly. This can lead to both digestion and nutrition problems if not corrected.

7) Less Soft-Tissue Injury

Crooked teeth can push against soft tissues in the mouth. This can cause cuts, sores, and possible infections.

8) Saves money long-term

Straight teeth have fewer serious dental problems later in life when compared to crooked teeth. Less frequent future dental problems mean less money spent on restorative dental care.

9) Better overall health

Did you know tooth decay leads to gum disease which is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis and other serious and chronic health problems? It’s surprising but true. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean which means less tooth decay. Anything you can do to eliminate tooth decay is good for your health.

10) More Smiling

We saved the best for last! When you have a great smile, you will simply use that smile often! When you smile, you stimulate nerves in your face that help you actually feel happier. More smiling leads to lower stress and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Cheers to National Orthodontic Health Month!  As always, Dr. Lans, our staff, and our associates are here to answer all your questions and be your trusted partner in superior oral and dental health.


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