Professional Teeth Whitening Versus At Home Kits

“I want whiter teeth and a brighter smile.  Can I get good results with over-the-counter teeth whitening kits?”  We hear this question quite often at Lans Family Dentistry. Like most health care questions, the answers are sometimes conditional and depend upon the individual patient and their needs or desired outcomes. For most patients, professional and supervised teeth whitening yields superior and longer-lasting results. 

Over the Counter Solutions.

Most store-bought whitening strips will remind you of small band-aids that stick to your teeth.  Limited by their size and design, they are able to usually only whiten the front teeth. Many patients have wide enough smiles to show more than these teeth. 

Overall, users may realize that store-bought products don’t provide the even, white smile they’d hoped for.  In many cases, the results are not as dramatic – nor do they results last as long as professional whitening.

Professional Whitening.

In contrast, professional whitening products used by dentists are designed to whiten the whole smile.  These systems use full-mouth trays to give all teeth maximum exposure to whitening solutions. Further, professional solutions used by dentists are typically much stronger than the drug-store kits. Thus, the teeth tend to whiten more quickly.

The staff at Lans Family Dentistry can also help determine each patient’s individual suitability for teeth whitening.  Patients with gum disease are likely not suitable – and, those with extensive caps, crowns, or veneers may also be incompatible. Finally, those with sensitive gums may not tolerate the solutions used in these processes.

We recommend REV!

Lans Family Dentistry has experienced significant patient satisfaction with the REV® whitening system.  Only 15 minutes once a day with REV’s patented 14% hydrogen peroxide formula delivers brilliant results. 

REV! is water-based to hydrate the teeth. It whitens while also avoiding thermal sensitivity.

The finishing rinse is formulated for use immediately after removing your trays. It removes residual gel from teeth while enhancing and stabilizing whitening.

We recommend the product because of

•   Shorter Wear Times – 1/4 the time of leading strips

•   Less Sensitivity – 66% less sensitive than learning strips

•   Superior Whitening – Patented technology with proven results.

Make an appointment today for professionally supervised teeth whitening – or, call to get your questions answered.  Lans Family Dentistry can get you a whiter, brighter smile in no time at all.


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