Better Oral Imaging – iTero Digital Scanner

For so many different reasons, Invisalign® orthodontic treatments are an incredibly popular therapeutic choice here at Lans Family Dentistry and Orthodontics. What’s not to like?  They are almost invisible in your mouth and are effective for most teeth alignment issues we encounter. Now, best of all, we are now using the iTero® digital scanner to map out the unique structure of each patient’s teeth and gums. No more goop. No more gagging.  No more old-school teeth molds and oral impressions. 

This is a real breakthrough for patient comfort and convenience!  Plus, these digital tools deliver a highly precise 3-D rendering of our patient’s teeth, gums, and oral soft tissues.

 Improved Accuracy.  Patient Comfort.

The iTero® digital scanner is a compact and digital hand-held wand. As our dental technician hovers the device over your teeth and into your mouth, it captures a comprehensive image of your dental structures.  The data is sorted and stored to deliver high-resolution and interactive images of your teeth.

This scanning process delivers much more precise data than any putty or silicone mold is able to offer.  The system captures an astounding 6,000 images per second allowing us to be very exact on treatment protocols. 

Using this system actually helps us to better measure patient progress with their Invisalign treatments. Integrated into the iTero® system is the ability to simulate outcomes and visually demonstrate what a patient’s smile will look like once the treatment is complete.

Scanners are safe, accurate, and comfortable. In just two to three minutes, we can capture a highly precise, 3-D picture of your teeth and soft tissue structures. There’s no radiation involved so it’s a safe process for everyone. 

iTero® scanning provides a roadmap for your unique treatment.  We have found it makes office visits go more quickly and treatment results more dramatically measurable.

Invisalign®.  Comfortable, effective, and popular.

Our patients find that Invisalign braces will cause less interference in their daily life. However, at the same time, the treatment is powerful enough to achieve the beautiful smile they desire.  Not everyone is born with a beautiful smile. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something positive for yourself.

Take the first step to improving your smile.  Ask us about the new iTero® digital scanning system and see if Invisalign® is right for you!


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