Do You Get Anxiety Before Going to the Dentist?

Going to the dentist can be stressful. While it’s a fear often associated with children, adults are just as likely to be anxious about visiting the dentist, and such fear can often keep people from scheduling appointments or coming in when they have a dental emergency. If you suffer from dental anxiety or even a dental phobia, don’t let your fears keep you from taking care of your teeth.

  1. Identify Your Fear

First, it helps to pinpoint exactly what your phobia is about. Painful procedures keep a lot of people at bay, and fear of the dentist might stem from the harsh lighting, an unsettling angle, and face-covering masks that make dentists seem scarier than they actually are. Once you know exactly why you’re afraid of visiting the dentist, you can take the steps necessary to conquer this fear.

  1. Practice Simple Relaxation Tools

This can be done through various means: guided meditation, a distracting hobby, or even just regular deep breathing exercises. When we have anxiety, our negative thoughts tend to kick into overdrive, and diverting those thoughts is a good way to stay calm and think through the situation more rationally.Dentist

  1. Communicate With Your Dentist

They’re there to keep your teeth clean and your mouth healthy, and they don’t want you to feel scared of them. By letting them know how you feel, they can find ways to help you put your mind at ease. Perhaps by setting up a break schedule or allowing you to signal if you feel uncomfortable. They can also provide a more calming atmosphere, such as by allowing the use of blankets or letting you listen to music during the procedure. You can also ask them to keep you informed of what they’re going to do at every step to avoid making you worried about what’s coming next.

  1. Ask for Numbing Medication

Whether it’s through Novocain, “laughing gas,” or any other sort of numbing agent, your dentist can prevent you from being in pain by temporarily dulling the sensation. If pain is what you fear, discuss whether numbing medication could be right for you.

  1. Consult a Professional About Sedation

In some circumstances, you might consider being voluntarily sedated during the dental process. While this may sound scary and would require you to prepare ahead of time, being sedated during the procedure means that you will have no pain or awareness of what’s happening. You can sleep through the procedure, wake up with a repaired smile, and skip out on the parts that cause the most anxiety.

  1. Find the Right Dentist For You

As with any professional relationship, it is important to find the right fit for you. Be aware of your needs, and feel empowered to find a dental professional who you trust.

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If you’d like to visit a dentist that focuses on fostering a relaxing and welcoming environment, contact Lans Family Dentistry today to schedule an appointment or learn more about what services and accommodations we can provide for you. We understand that it can be stressful to visit the dentist, especially if you’re visiting a new dentist for the first time, and we’re here to help you feel comfortable during the visit and confident in your smile afterward.


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