10 Dental New Year’s Resolutions

With the New Year barreling towards us, thinking about positive changes and resolutions for next year may already be on your mind. While many people put health and finances on that list, one area that can get overlooked is your teeth. Let’s talk New Year’s dental resolutions!

Don’t skip out on your dental health for next year, and add these dental New Year’s resolutions to your list:dental new year's resolutions

  1. Make flossing a part of your routine. You probably hear it every time you go to the dentist’s office: you need to floss more. Some studies say that up to ⅓ of adults haven’t flossed in the last week.
  2. Skip acid-heavy foods. You may love the taste of citrus and other highly acidic foods, but the truth of the matter is that these kinds of foods can seriously damage your enamel and cause worse problems.
  3. Slow down on things that stain your teeth. That morning cup of coffee or glass or two of red wine with dinner may taste good, but they’re both causing issues with your teeth. Dental whitening certainly helps, but it can get costly, especially if you continue to consume those foods that will keep staining your teeth. Try cutting back.
  4. Stop smoking. Probably one of the most damaging things to your dental health is smoking. While it’s true that smoking causes all kinds of health risks, it absolutely wreaks havoc on your mouth by increasing your risk of gum disease and causing tooth loss.
  5. Hydration is key. Keeping yourself hydrated is good for several reasons, but it’s especially good for your dental health. Bacteria need to be frequently washed away for cavities to not settle in.
  6. Cut back on sugar in beverages. It’s easy to pick up a sugary beverage for a pick-me-up, but all that extra sugar can add up to bacteria and extra cavities, especially as drinks totally coat your mouth in whatever you happen to be drinking. Opt for water when you can.
  7. Use the full two minutes. We should be brushing our teeth for two solid minutes. You can set a timer and make sure to brush for the full time or invest in an electric toothbrush that will do the counting for you.
  8. Snack less. Unfortunately, many snacks are unhealthy, and consuming food between meals increases the number of bacteria in your mouth, leading to damage to your teeth.
  9. Scrape your tongue. You might not think this is important, but your tongue traps a lot of bacteria, and if this list has tried to teach anything, it’s that bacterium leads to dental damage.
  10. Attend regular check-ups. Regularly visiting the dentist can help you prevent a plethora of damage and disease in your mouth. Putting off your dental visit can do more harm than you think.

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