What Are Spark Aligners & How to Know if They Are Right for You

Having straight teeth is something many people desire, but having traditional wire braces can be inconvenient or undesirable. Spark Aligners offer a solution with various sets of clear aligners that move and straighten your teeth gradually. You wear each aligner for a set amount of time to slowly move your teeth into the desired position. Throughout the course of treatment, you will be supplied with a different set of aligners and a schedule for how long each set should be in use.

Why Choose Spark Aligners?

Spark Aligners is the market leader in comfort, look and cost. The aligners are made of medical-grade polyurethane resin, making them more comfortable in comparison to others that are made of plastic materials. Additionally, these aligners are less visible compared to other aligners due to the patented TruGen™ material. TruGen™ is also more stain-resistant, allowing you to continue to enjoy food and drinks without worrying about staining your aligners.

What Makes These Aligners Stand Out?

The component that sets Spark apart from other options available is the cost. Most dental treatments such as teeth straightening aligners can be incredibly expensive, but this type offers a cost-effective option. Spark works to make their clear aligners more affordable for their orthodontists and clinicians, which, in turn, makes it more affordable for the patients, too.

How to Know if Spark is Right for You

Whether your teeth need to be clinically straightened or you struggle with the appearance of your teeth, Spark Aligners are a great option for you to consider. Spark Aligners clear aligners work through a customized treatment plan with sets of individual retainer trays that are changed out as your teeth move. A big benefit to using Spark Aligners is that everything is tailored exactly to your needs. Your orthodontist works closely with you to keep your teeth movement on track so that you get the results you want. The TruGen™ material used to create these clear aligners also allows for faster tooth movement due to the increased force retention and better surface area contact with each of your teeth.

How They Can Straighten Your Smile

The largest component to consider when looking into dental treatment using Spark Aligners is the issue you’re treating. The use of clear aligners is most helpful for those treating an anterior open bite (when the front teeth do not touch) or those dealing with a periodontal issue (sensitive gums). For anterior open bites, these aligners work with increased force retention to pull the teeth together over the course of the treatment. For those dealing with periodontal issues with their gums being sensitive to dental treatments, Spark Aligners are a great option because they are more comfortable on the gums than other brands.

Here at Lans Family Dentistry, we offer Spark Aligners and all the patient care that goes into using them. They are a great choice for many patients who are looking to straighten their smile. If you are considering getting started, contact us today!


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