What can I do to make my teeth look whiter?

You may obtain whiter teeth from a fast, safe and effective home tooth bleaching system to various cosmetic dentistry techniques. For more information on bleaching visit our Tooth Whitening page.

At what age should my children start seeing a dentist?

Ideally, a child’s first visit should be between 1-3 years of age, where the child can just come to say hello or accompany the parent to his or her dental cleaning and do a show and tell. A child’s first appointment for a dental cleaning should be at 3 years of age. For more information on children’s services, visit our Early Treatment page.

Am I too old for braces?

You’re never too old for braces, but, as always, consult the orthodontist for your individual needs. For more information visit our Adult Treatment and Types of Braces pages.

What are sealants?

A sealant is a clear tooth colored liquid that hardens when it is painted on the deepest fissures of each tooth, acting as a barrier to protect the enamel from plaque. For more information on sealants, visit the Prevention section of our Early Treatment page.

Are you open evenings and/or Saturday hours?

Yes. We understand that the vigorous daily demands of everyone’s schedule these days makes it important to have expanded and convenient hours. For detailed information about our hours, visit our Contact Us page.

Will your office file my insurance for me?

Yes. We will be glad to file your insurance claims forms for you. For more information on insurance claims go to our Financial & Insurance page.

Can I replace my dentures with permanent teeth once again?

Yes, by using implants which can replace missing teeth with permanently fixed restorations. For more information on implants, visit our Cosmetic Dentistry page.

Are custom made athletic mouth guards really better than store-bought ones?

Yes, because they are custom-fitted to each individual’s mouth and also specifically strengthened to the particular sport, while also making it easier to breathe and speak.

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