When missing teeth and adjacent tissues, dentures are the primary option for the majority of patients. Over a series of appointments, Lans Family Dentistry will help you determine what type of appliance is the best fit for your mouth.

The Process

To start, we take multiple impressions of your jaws, measuring to ensure accuracy and determine size and space relative to each other. We then replicate the shape and position of your jaw into models for you test out multiple times before we cast your perfect set.

Signs It’s Time for Dentures

Tooth Decay – When a tooth becomes unsalvageable, it rots deep enough to touch a nerve, causing great pain and discomfort.
Gum inflammation – Flares up with symptoms like tenderness, redness, bleeding or swelling of the gums.
Bone Loss – rears its ugly head through shifting or loose teeth.
Missing Teeth – As teeth go missing, people feel greater pressure on other teeth.
Difficulty Eating – When chewing becomes challenging to break down hard or chewy food, severe aches can happen.

Advantages of Dentures

Functional – Dentures are primarily made to help you feel zero discomfort while chewing, but they serve a much greater utility. They are comfortable, slip-resistant, and give you a great confidence to go about your daily activities, such as eating and talking, without skipping a beat.
Great Looking – Manufactured in porcelain or plastic materials, dentures lend a natural appearance to your teeth and ensure you’re always ready to crack a beautiful smile.

Types of Dentures

Partial Dentures – Dentures (and bridges) that are removable. These most often consist of replacement teeth connected to a pink (gum colored) plastic base. This solution comes in handy for patients with one or multiple existing natural teeth
Complete Dentures – Patients with all their teeth extracted are perfect candidates for complete dentures. Complete dentures come in immediate and conventional varieties. Immediate dentures can be worn directly after tooth removal and are molded before your procedure. Conventional dentures are the more affordable option, but they require more adjustments over time after your jaw heals fully.

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