kor_whitening_photoKöR®Simply Whiter Teeth™

KöR is the world’s greatest teeth whitening process and the first of its kind.

What makes KöR so unique is the use of refrigeration from the moment it comes off the assembly line to the time it reaches our practice.

Bleaching gels are unstable chemicals by design. While that may sound problematic, that instability causes bleaching gels to react quickly and free oxygen, oxygen ions, and radicals as soon as they make contact with your teeth. That chemical reaction isn’t possible without constant refrigeration, as bleaching gels lose their potency at room temperature, rendering them ineffective.

KöR preserves the integrity of bleaching gels through this refrigeration process. Through advanced treatments, patients both with and without sensitive teeth are virtually unaffected by cold temperatures. Before gels are applied, KöR Whitening System plugs the microscopic holes, or tubules to avoid pain. When fluid hits these tubules, your nerves are activated and generate a great deal of pain. Through two separate applications, KöR desensitizers combat any inflammation and sensitivity associated with the bleaching process.

KöR-Seal Trays are far more effective than traditional bleaching, as they provide a consistent process that is easily replicated every for home use. KöR Whitening is able to fully restore and rejuvenate your teeth’s ability to absorb bleaching by completely breaking down both noticeable and undetectable stain molecules and particles. The process also lends itself to evenness in the whiteness throughout the teeth and also avoids blotchy bleaching.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of KöR Whitening is in its permanence. Often times a person who drinks coffee, tea, red wine, etc. can erase the effects of other teeth whitening treatments. Sticking to the KöR system eliminates the harmful effects of these everyday indulgences on your teeth and keeps them a beautiful, pearly shade of white for the duration of the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tooth Whitening

What is tooth whitening?

It’s a bleaching process that lightens discolorations of enamel and dentin. The system uses a mild solution retained in a custom-fitted tray that is worn over your teeth.

What causes tooth discoloration?

There are many causes. The most common include aging, consumption of staining substances (coffee, tea, colas, tobacco), trauma, nerve degeneration and old restorations. During tooth formation, consumption of tetracycline or excessive fluoride may also cause tooth discoloration.

Who may benefit from tooth whitening?

Almost anyone. However, there are some cases where the treatment may not be effective. A dentist may determine viable candidates for the process through a thorough oral examination and diagnosis. KöR is ideal for patients who have healthy, unrestored teeth and would like to have a whiter, brighter smile, day or night.

Is the process safe?

YES! Research and clinical studies indicate that whitening teeth with carbamide peroxide under the supervision of a dentist is safe for teeth and gums. In fact, many dentists consider this whitening process the safest cosmetic dental procedure available today.

How does it work?

The whitening gel is placed in a thin bleaching tray that fits over the teeth. As the active ingredient in the gel, carbamide peroxide, is broken down, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin and bleaches the colored substances. The structure of the tooth is not changed; only the tooth color is made lighter.

How long does it take?

Results are usually seen after the first application. Maximum results generally occur when the process is continued for 10-14 nights.

Are there any side effects?

Some people experience temporary increased tooth sensitivity to cold during the treatment. These symptoms disappear within 1-3 days after interruption or completion of the treatment. Patients using KöR are less likely to get tooth sensitivity.

How long do the results last?

The teeth will always be lighter than they once were. However, some patients may need a tooth whitening “touchup” for 1-2 days, once or twice a year. In order to maintain the whitest tooth shade possible, it is best to avoid substances like coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco.

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