REV Teeth Whitening

REV!® take-home whitening treatment is a revolutionary process that delivers optimal whitening in only 15 minutes, once a day.

Teeth whitening can be an ongoing process that takes time to show results. Perfecta REV! tooth whitening gel gives you a solution that begins to show results quickly with minimal wear time. It only takes 15 minutes of self-treatment a day to start seeing whiter teeth, which is almost a quarter of the time it takes to use other leading products.

REV!’s patented technology works with a 14% hydrogen peroxide formula to give you timely results. REV! is a water-based teeth whitening solution, with a chemical makeup that helps hydrate the teeth throughout the whitening process. This means your teeth will experience up to 66% less sensitivity than with other products, allowing you to resume your usual activities without having to worry about discomfort from the teeth-whitening process.

The process involves two steps: First, you apply gel to your teeth using the tray. After your 15 minutes have passed, you can follow up with REV!’s finishing rinse, specially made for use with REV! gel. The special formula helps break down the gel into its active components, boosting the whitening process while also cleaning away any residual gel left in the mouth. You even get a boost of highly stable vitamin C to help protect the soft tissue in your mouth, promoting healthier teeth and gums. The gel is alcohol-free and mint flavored, leaving your mouth feeling refreshed after every treatment.

You can start REV! teeth whitening treatments just a few days after your routine cleaning. The time between the professional cleaning and beginning treatment gives the enamel on your teeth time to re-form and become receptive to the whitening treatment. The REV! treatments only take a short time out of your day to use, and you only need a small portion of REV! whitening gel per use to get the results you want.

Your REV! application trays are customized for your teeth, ensuring a perfect fit for your mouth. Even better: REV! costs much less than whitening strips, providing an affordable and effective way to whiten your teeth. Each pack contains enough material for two weeks’ worth of treatments. Whether you want to speed along your treatment or just want to prevent rebound after in-office whitening, REV! tooth whitening gel is the perfect way to get the smile you want!

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